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To Trust or Not to Trust

November 30, 2017

Estate planning is an essential part of every written financial plan. A cookie cutter approach to estate planning doesn’t usually work well and some of the decisions can be complicated and very difficult to make. Do you want to leave the money out right to the children where they are…

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Ray Ferrara Discusses Housing Prices in Investment News

September 6, 2017

More than a decade later, housing bust still hurts Home prices peaked in April 2006, and have yet to rise above that level. More than a decade and thousands of foreclosures later, advisers are still dealing with problems from the housing collapse. The S&P/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Home Price Index hit…

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Ray Ferrara Featured on ThinkAdvisor

July 26, 2017

CFP Board’s Fiduciary Standard Provides ‘More Freedom’ Than DOL’s The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards has received more than 1,000 comments on the proposed revisions to its Standards of Professional Conduct that were announced in mid-June. On Tuesday morning, the CFP Board held a public forum in New York…

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Life Insurance Once You Are Retired and Don’t Need It

July 20, 2017

One of the first financial decisions made by many of us is to buy life insurance.  This usually happens after getting married and almost certainly after having children.  You bought it to protect your family from your premature death.  We believe that life insurance is needed for three reasons:  replace…

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Ray Ferrara in Investment News

July 20, 2017

Are music royalties a new alternative investment? If your clients have a song in their hearts, they might be able to buy the royalties to it. Royalty Exchange helps owners of music royalties find buyers. Since March 2016, the company has auctioned off royalties from 150 songs, including: • Barry…

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June 1, 2017

Hopefully you have a living trust and/or will along with the other legal documents (power of attorney, healthcare surrogate and living will) needed in case of disability or death. But have you also made preparations for the orderly transfer of your digital assets?  Who knows where to find a list…

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Dorothy Campbell Awarded One of NAPA’s Top Women Advisors 2016

December 21, 2016

Congratulations to our very own, Dorothy Campbell, AIF®, for being awarded one of the Top Women Advisors - The Captains for 2016 by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA). Her dedication to creating clarity, confidence and financial fulfillment for the retirement plans and participants that she works with drives…

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A Look Ahead to 2017…

November 23, 2016

It is often said that the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. To that we might add a third certainty…uncertainty. This is especially true for 2017 as we enter it with a Republican in the White House and Republicans controlling both houses of Congress. While speculating…

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Steve Athanassie, CFP®, AIFA® Featured in the Tampa Bay Times

November 11, 2016

Down in the polls not long ago, Donald Trump predicted his unconventional election as president would be "Brexit times 10." From an immediate shakeup in the stock market to heightened anxiety over an economic downturn, he may have been right. In an exponential reaction to Britain's exit from the European…

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Think Your 401(k) Is Free? Think Again!

October 6, 2016

Recently, there has been a lot of news about lawsuits against employers who sponsor retirement plans because they have not monitored the fees and investment options in their retirement plan. When you are responsible for other people’s money, you are a fiduciary as defined by the law and it’s your…

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Ray Ferrara, CFP® Wins 2016 P. Kemp Fain, Jr., Award

September 7, 2016

Congratulations to our very own Ray Ferrara, CFP®, the recipient of the Financial Planning Association's (FPA) 2016 P. Kemp Fain Jr., Award!  Please click here for the full press release.

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What to do with your 401k?

July 29, 2016

When you leave an employer and move on to another, or when you retire, there is always a question of what to do with your 401k or other retirement plan. You generally have four choices: 1) rollover to an IRA; 2) stay with the former company plan (if allowed); 3)…

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Ray Ferrara Quoted on U.K. “Brexit”

June 30, 2016

Thinking of Cashing Out Your Stocks Post-Brexit? Do This Instead. Cash can be useful, but don’t be stampeded into selling your stocks. As markets dip worldwide in the wake of the Brexit vote, there’s a big temptation to convert stock holdings into nice, safe cash. But while cash has a…

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ProVise’s Steve Athanassie Quoted in Tampa Bay Times

June 28, 2016

"Here's how Brexit will affect Florida and the Tampa Bay area"   Please click here to read the full story.

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Failing to Plan Isn’t a Good Plan

May 18, 2016

As the old adage goes, people don't plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.  For some strange reason, this is especially true when it comes to our finances.  When did you last update your written financial plan?  Oops, you have never had one done? Imagine trying to build a…

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Ray Ferrara Comments on New DOL Fiduciary Rule in Tampa Bay Times

April 22, 2016

Fiduciary rule presses Wall Street to raise bar on retirement advice, so why not for all advice? I've watched Wall Street firms for years vigorously fight rules that would require investment advisers and brokers to put customer interests ahead of their own wallets. It's proved a long, cynical and, at…

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“Financial planners foresee little disruption to practices from DOL fiduciary rule”

April 14, 2016

Three investment advisers who charge fees, commissions and by the hour for their services said on Monday that the recently finalized Labor Department rule on investment advice will not disrupt their businesses. They said that the DOL regulation, which requires advisers to 401(k) and individual retirement accounts to act in…

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Ray Ferrara Quoted on the New DOL Fiduciary Rule

April 14, 2016

Financial Planning Coalition ‘Applauds’ DOL Fiduciary Rule The Financial Planning Coalition said it “applauds” the Department of Labor for its fiduciary rule on retirement advice, in the words of Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, lauding DOL for the “extraordinarily open” process it followed as it…

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Ray Ferrara Quoted In Investment News

March 18, 2016

Too much gold in your investment portfolio can reduce performance When clients want to load up on gold, financial advisers need to stress to them that overweighting the precious metal can actually weigh down their portfolios. People tend to buy gold when they question the value of paper currency, either…

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March 18, 2016

One of the most significant assets accumulated during one’s lifetime might be an IRA and/or other retirement accounts. Choosing a beneficiary isn’t necessarily as easy as naming a spouse and/or the children. Why? Different rules apply when beneficiaries inherit the IRA depending on their relationship with the deceased IRA owner…

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ProVise in Tampa Bay Magazine

March 10, 2016

Who Cares If Your Advisor MUST Act in Your Best Interests? Of course, you should. You probably think that your advisor is required to do so, but when did you last ask? “Do you act as a fiduciary and at all times act in my best interests instead of your…

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Bruce Fyfe Highlighted In Tampa Tribune

January 4, 2016

Lightning owner has honored $10 million worth of Community Heroes When Brooke Pasch was born 22 years ago, doctors told her family she wouldn’t live more than two weeks. There wasn’t hope. She suffered from VACTERL association. Her right arm was deformed — and so was every organ in her…

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Dorothy Campbell Named One of NAPA’s Top Women Advisors of 2015

October 16, 2015

We are excited to announce that Dorothy Campbell has been named as one of National Association of Plan Advisor's (NAPA) top women advisors of 2015.  Congratulations, Dorothy! Please click the link below to view the full list of MVP advisors. Click Here

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Ray Ferrara Featured in Financial Advisor Magazine

October 12, 2015

DOL’s Critics Use Convoluted Logic A few years ago, authorities banned the use of golf carts on a section of a roadway. Many areas here in Florida allow the use of carts on some roads within the neighborhoods of golf course communities, but on this particular stretch of road the…

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Paul Auslander Quoted in Chicago Tribune

October 12, 2015

Best financial advice comes with the F-word The Financial Planning Association (FPA) had its national conference recently, and it could have been presented by the F-word -- that is, "fiduciary." The weekend brought together 2,000 certified financial planners, all of whom adhere to the fiduciary standard. That standard of care…

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Ray Ferrara Testifies to Department of Labor on Fiduciary Rule

August 19, 2015

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

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Paul Auslander featured in the Journal of Financial Planning

August 13, 2015

The Central Role of the Planner in Business Liquidity Events In the increasingly competitive environment of financial planning services, it is critical for financial planners to strengthen their practice and position themselves as a primary professional adviser to the client. The business owner market segment should be of particular importance…

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How the Fed is Going to Unwind Its Balance Sheet

December 29, 2014

The Federal Reserve faces a dilemma: What to do with all the debt securities it amassed during its stimulus program, known as quantitative easing, or QE. Does the central bank sell off its holdings or hold them until they mature? The amount involved is staggering. The Fed now has $4.2…

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Steve Athanassie in the Tampa Bay Times: Now is a good time for a portfolio review

December 15, 2014

Ebola and ISIS and plummeting oil prices. Oh, and growing fear of a global economic slowdown. Oh my. Mix it all together and it led to another gut-wrenching, downward day on the increasingly tumultuous stock market. Markets recovered from a far steeper sell-off early in the day, but it still…

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Eric Ebbert promoted to president of ProVise

October 13, 2014

The longtime chief operating officer at ProVise Management Group LLC, Eric Ebbert, has been promoted to president of the financial planning and investment management firm. Ray Ferrara, who formerly was president, remains as chairman and CEO. Ebbert joined Clearwater-based ProVise in 2000 as a financial planner and for the past…

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With the Dow at 17,000, Paul Auslander offers investing tips

July 3, 2014

With the Dow at 17,000, two financial advisors offer investing tips for people ages 20 to 50.

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ProVise hits $1 billion mark

July 2, 2014

Clearwater-based financial planning and investment firm ProVise Management Group reached a milestone of managing more than $1 billion in assets. ProVise has clients in 30 states but most of its individual, retirement plan and institutional clients are in Tampa Bay, the company said in a statement. “While size is important…

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ProVise in Forbes Magazine

June 30, 2014

It’s easy to find a financial advisor. After all, there are more than 11,000 in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But finding one who is qualified and certified to meet your unique needs can be challenging. “Anybody can be an investment advisor. It’s the financial planning and…

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Paul Auslander interviewed on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report on PBS: Are Reverse Mortgages Easy Money or Just a Dumb Move?

March 27, 2014

Faced with rising medical expenses and longer life expectancies, many seniors are turning to their single largest asset as a source of supplemental income: their home. Indeed, reverse mortgages enable seniors who are 62 and older to convert a portion of the equity in their home into cash without having…

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Tina Tenret on stage at Clearwater’s Capitol Theatre to share the tragedy that led her from TV news to financial planning

March 21, 2014

As the gas sales and public affairs manager for Clearwater Gas System, Kristi Cheatham exudes strength and confidence from her 6-foot-2 frame. So people are often startled to learn that for years, the businesswoman by day was a battered wife by night. Successful at work, she said she was called…

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ProVise leads Tampa Bay advisors on Barron’s rankings

March 6, 2014

Eleven financial advisors from the Tampa Bay area have made Barron’s 2014 Top Advisor rankings. The highest-ranked local advisor is Charles Mulfinger II, Graystone Consulting in Tampa, who comes in at No. 16 among the 84 Florida advisors on the Barron’s list.Robert Doyle of Doyle Wealth Management in St. Petersburg…

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Ray Ferrara gives advice on the 2014 market in the Tampa Bay Times

January 3, 2014

Burned badly by the stock meltdown of 2009, many mom-and-pop investors swore off the markets completely. They wound up missing a magical rebound that has taken the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor's 500 to new highs and the Nasdaq roaring back above 4,000 for the first time…

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Ray Ferrara talks to the National Education Association about your retirement nest egg

November 26, 2013

For some, like Roger Rea, a retired teacher living in Omaha, Neb., the transition into retirement is financially seamless. “My retirement income comes from our retirement system as well as Social Security,” Rea says. “In addition, I have quite a bit of money invested in my 403(b) account, which I…

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Ray Ferrara quoted in Tampa Bay Times

November 18, 2013

How high can we go? The Dow and S&P 500 hit new and notable records Monday, reviving a debate among nervous investors. Are the stock markets entering bubble territory? Is it too late for folks still on the sidelines to invest in stocks? The answers, say some area financial advisers…

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Ray Ferrara quoted in USA Today

November 6, 2013

It's best to take a balanced approach to tapping your retirement savings. Q. I have a few CDs as part of my retirement savings. Should I cash them out as they mature and use the cash before withdrawing money from my Roth and traditional IRAs? A. It's best to take…

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Tina Tenret cited as one of the top 40 businesspeople under 40 from Naples to Tampa

October 2, 2013

Vice President and Certified Financial Planner, ProVise Management Group When award-winning investigative journalist Tina Tenret was 29 years old, she made a major career change. The move was spurred by her mother’s suicide, a shocking tragedy that made Tenret rethink the importance of her news career. Her mom, like many…

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Tina Tenret launches and leads Women’s Executive Group for Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce

August 8, 2013

CLEARWATER – Women in business are joining forces in the greater Clearwater area, sharing their stories, experiences, ideas and advice. The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce has started the AchieveHERS women’s networking group that currently is open to women in the public. “The AchieveHERS was founded because we did a…

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Bruce Fyfe honored as first Lightning Community Hero of the Year

October 16, 2012

TAMPA BAY – The Tampa Bay Lightning honored Bruce Fyfe as the first Lightning Community Hero of the year this morning at the Homeless Emergency Project in Clearwater. Fyfe, who received a $50,000 donation from the Lightning Foundation and the Lightning Community Heroes program, will donate the money to the…

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