Hurricane Info

We are continuously taking extensive measures in anticipation of an oncoming hurricane and its potential aftermath, including but not limited to:

  • A special committee within ProVise is responsible for maintaining, updating and distributing our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Manual. Every employee has a copy, with detailed instructions to secure paper and electronic records. We are consistently designing additional ways to protect people and property.
  • We have purchased shutters for all 50+ windows and doors to protect the integrity of our building. We have worked with a structural engineer to provide other thoughts and ideas regarding how to further protect our office space.
  • We duplicate all client records daily onto tapes retained in our fire- and water-proof safe. In addition, weekly back-up tapes are stored in our safety deposit box within a bank vault. All brokerage accounts are maintained by NFP Advisor Services, LLC (NFPAS) in Texas and Charles Schwab & Company in California. Furthermore, critical client information is replicated on a real time basis to a remote server located out of state. In an emergency, each of the firm’s partners will be able to access client information on their individual laptop computers.
  • We will not close our offices until we must, but once we determine that it is in the best interests of our employees and clients to close, we won’t hesitate to do so.
  • If a hurricane forces us to close ProVise on a temporary basis, you will be given toll-free numbers for account information, trading purposes, wire transfers, and other investment needs. These numbers are available only during emergencies and will be sent via e-mail to our clients. We will also record an outgoing voice mail message for your convenience. Our objective is to make sure that those who want or need to conduct business will be able to do so, to the extent that we are capable of making that happen. Obviously, you might experience some inconvenience during that time, and we appreciate your consideration should that occur.We will list additional resources on this page of our website, including last-minute instructions, thoughts, ideas and a complete contact list to reach the firm’s partners and financial planners.