Personal Financial Officer

The ProVise PERSONAL FINANCIAL OFFICER (PFO)TM program is designed for our corporate/business clients who want to provide a special benefit of integrated financial planning to senior corporate officers and key personnel.

In today’s fast paced world, if you are the CEO of your personal finances and at that same time a corporate executive/business owner, it is difficult to do your best at work/fun/retirement, if you are thinking/worried about your personal finances.  That is where you can take advantage of ProVise’s PERSONAL FINANCIAL OFFICER (PFO)TM program.  We become your personal strategic financial partner.

Every CEO/business owner knows the value a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) brings to managing the financial affairs of the corporation. Because of the CFO, the CEO/ business owner is able to concentrate on the vision and growth of the business.  A CFO has four main responsibilities: 1) reporting of historical results; 2) managing the balance sheet (net worth); 3) managing risk; and 4) developing the financial strategy and forecasting to prepare for the future.

ProVise’s Personal Financial Officer (PFO)TM program provides these same four responsibilities which allows the key executives to focus on the growth of the business knowing that ProVise’s PFOTM is focusing on their personal finances.  Because we are dealing with a group of executives from the same company, we can provide a reduced fee schedule for this valuable service. Contact us now to learn more about the PERSONAL FINANCIAL OFFICER (PFO)TM program.