Retirement Plan Consulting

If you are the CEO, CFO or HR Director of a company sponsoring a retirement plan, you know that you need great benefits in order to attract, reward and retain exceptional employees. You understand the need to keep these costs reasonable and under control. You care about your employees but don’t want to spend your valuable time dealing with the complexities of monitoring a corporate retirement plan.

We provide solutions for busy people like you.

Our reputation is built on working with company executives to build and maintain an outstanding and meaningful corporate retirement plan. Our process begins with the ProVise Fiduciary Plan Audit, a forensic analysis of the direct and indirect fees being paid to your current service providers, an assessment of the services being rendered and an in-depth review of your plan’s investment funds based on a globally-accepted fiduciary quality process.

Additionally, we conduct a review of the fiduciary oversight process that you currently have in place. We then offer recommendations to help close any gaps or deficiencies that we may find. We will also highlight any cost savings that we may identify through our process.