Banking and New Proposed Taxes Webinar

Wednesday, March 29

ProVise Webinar on Banking and New Proposed Taxes

Last Wednesday, Ray Ferrara, CFP®, Founder and Executive Chair, and Daniel Mannix, CFA®, Chair of the Investment Committee, hosted a webinar for our clients and friends. Daniel reviewed the recent events in the banking industry while Ray discussed President Joe Biden’s budget proposal.

In short, we believe banks are generally in much better financial condition a decade and a half following the Great Financial Crisis. This is not a 2008-type credit crisis and the recent bank collapses represent unique, isolated events rather than a systemic issue across the industry. The President’s budget proposal is ambitious and focuses on increasing taxes rather than cutting expenses. Given a split Congress, we believe the chances of this budget being approved being slim-to-none.

See a replay of the webinar | Passcode: H8m#c9?f

Ray Ferrara, CFP®
Executive Chair

Sandy Risgaard, CFP®

Daniel Mannix, CFA®
Chair of the Investment Committee