Did you know that over $50 trillion is forecasted to be invested in ESG companies by 2025? Many investors are expanding their portfolios to include ESG companies, which prioritize environmental, social and governance sustainability. 

ESG investing means investing in companies that consider their overall impact on their environment, community and employees. Businesses that focus on combating climate change, deforestation and inequality are just some examples of ESG-centered companies. 

2 ways ESG investing can benefit you

Investing in companies that support the planet can give purpose to your portfolio. Beyond its global impact, however, ESG investing can boost your personal investment strategy. You can benefit from ESG investing because it can be:

  1. Cost effective — ESG companies tend to be efficient and cost effective over time, as they often use sustainable energy and care about waste. They also don’t often spend lots of money on advertisements or luxury items. Low company costs mean that your ESG investments can be cheaper and go further than standard investments.
  1. Profitable — Some investors believe that ESG investing could outperform traditional stock valuations. In fact, 69% of active U.S. investors say that ESG investing is profitable.

ESG investing benefits the world

The number of shareholders who demand that companies are sustainable and climate-friendly are forecasted to increase. That’s because ESG investing is not only good for investors; it’s good for people and the environment. Through ESG investing, you can help support companies that prioritize ESG values and help promote: 

  • Sustainable agriculture. 
  • Sustainable manufacturing. 
  • Decreased pollution. 
  • Improved workforce well-being.
  • Financial transparency.
  • Corporate accountability.

Talk to a ProVise CFP® professional about your ESG investment strategy and its benefits

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