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* This office is a branch of ProVise Management Group, LLC and not a branch of Kestra Advisory Services, LLC. Investment advisory services at this location are offered through ProVise Management Group, LLC.

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Health Care Costs in Retirement: The Role of Medicare

Health Care Costs in Retirement: The Role of Medicare

As retirement approaches, many individuals embark on a journey to secure their financial well-being and health for the future. One critical aspect of this journey is navigating the complex landscape of healthcare and healthcare costs in retirement. Because Medicare plays a significant role, it’s crucial to understand its many aspects.

When Should Physicians Hire a Financial Advisor?

When Should Physicians Hire a Financial Advisor?

Physicians’ financial planning is unique, with typically a short time between finishing their training and when they step away from practicing medicine. Less time working compared to other professions generally leads to different rules to becoming financially independent. With such busy schedules of seeing patients and limited time to spare, a way that physicians can make sure they are on the right track and increase their odds of financial success is by hiring a financial advisor. But how do they know the right time to hire an advisor and partner with an expert?