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Saving for retirement can be a big challenge, especially if you have lofty goals but did not start saving until later in life. These goals are even more difficult to reach if you are saving for other goals as well, such as building an emergency fund or saving for a child’s education. 

The U.S. government understands that savings for retirement is hard, which is why Uncle Sam offers the Saver’s Credit for individuals who contribute to a retirement savings account.

What is the retirement savings credit?

The Saver’s Credit is a tax break available to low- and moderate-income taxpayers who are saving for retirement. Depending on your qualification status, you could receive a tax credit of 50%, 20% or 10% on your first $2,000 of contributions into your retirement account each year. This credit is applied directly to your tax bill, reducing the total amount of income tax you owe.

You are considered eligible for the Saver’s Credit if you are:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Not claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer
  • Not a student

The amount of credit you are eligible for depends on your adjusted gross income (AGI) for the year:

Credit RateMarried Filing JointlyHead of HouseholdAll Other Filers*
50% of your contributionAGI not more than $39,500AGI not more than $29,625AGI not more than $19,750
20% of your contribution$39,501 – $43,000$29,626 – $32,250$19,751 – $21,500
10% of your contribution$43,001 – $66,000$32,251 – $49,500$21,501 – $33,000
0% of your contributionmore than $66,000more than $49,500more than $33,000


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