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Hard to believe that 2021 is almost over, but here are some financial moves you can still make to lower your estate and/or 2021 taxable income:

  1. Make gifts to as many people as you want up to $15,000 without having to file a gift tax return. This will increase to $16,000 next year;
  2. Sell losses in your portfolio to help offset capital gains from earlier in the year;
  3. Given how well the market has done this year, your portfolio is likely out of balance which could add unnecessary risk. Rebalance and be ready for 2022; and
  4. Make charitable contributions. You can deduct up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) if using cash to make the donations.



Residential real estate has been on a tear for the past several years with prices exploding across the country. But some places have become more expensive than others. Here is a list of the ten most expensive zip codes in the country according to PropertyShark, along with the median value of the “average” home:

10) Medina, Washington – $4 million

 9) Los Altos, CA – $4.052 million

 8) Santa Monica, CA – $4.058 million

 7) Santa Barbara, CA – $4.103 million

 6) Beverly Hills, CA – $4.125 million

 5) Miami Beach, FL – $4.475 million

 4) Ross, CA – $4.583 million

 3) Sagaponack, NY – $5 million

 2) Boston, MA – $5 million; and

 1) Atherton, CA – $7.475 million

The mortgage payments (principal and interest) for Atherton, assuming a 30-year mortgage and 80% financing at 3.5% would be about $26,800 monthly.



Investments that focus on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of corporations continued to hit new highs last quarter. According to Morningstar, sustainable fund assets reached $3.9 trillion in the third quarter. While some of the growth can be attributed to regulatory disclosures in Europe as part of the new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), the nearly three-fold increase from last year is impressive. That said, the incredible growth slowed down in the third quarter as fund flows were down 14% from the second quarter. According to FactSet, the buzz around sustainable investing also slipped as the number of public companies citing the term “ESG” on earnings calls was down 12% relative to the second quarter.

Whether this is the beginning of a trend or simply a matter of priority is yet to be known. Inflation and supply chain concerns have dominated discussion as of late and the strong year-to-date performance of sectors that have been shunned by ESG investors, like energy, might be redirecting fund flows for the time being. Longer-term, we expect the green wave to continue, given an unprecedented wealth transfer to the millennial generation (highly focused on sustainable investing), growing industry support and government regulation, and competitive market performance.



A recent article entitled “Things Women in Business Know that Men Don’t” highlighted several traits that help entrepreneurial women succeed in an environment where they are underrepresented.

  1. Women are up for the challenge and are creative in overcoming hurdles making them flexible in dealing with difficult situations.
  2. Women seek support and guidance through asking questions and collaborating with their peers.

These qualities combined with resilience and tenacity help women create a name for themselves and their businesses as they navigate the challenges all entrepreneurs face.



After 25 years of assisting clients to pursue their financial goals by listening, planning, and providing advice tailored to their circumstances, Evelyn Sheridan, CFP® is retiring. Her last day is December 31st. For those of you who have had the pleasure of working with Evelyn, she will be the first to tell you that she will miss the relationships she has built over the years. And while we will miss her insight and passionate commitment to her clients, we could not be happier for her as she begins the next chapter of her life that she has helped so many clients navigate. 

Please join us in wishing Evelyn well at the start of her new journey! While our working relationship may be ending, we know that our strong friendship will continue throughout her retirement.