Hurricane Ian poses a threat to the coastal areas all along the west coast of Florida and requires that timely precautions are made. ProVise Management Group is taking every precaution necessary to ensure our clients are served well and all their immediate needs are handled during and after this weather threat. For the next couple of days, the weather will dictate our office hours.


Our ProVise advisors are available via email if you should need to contact them:

Ray Ferrara | ferrara@provise.com

Eric Ebbert | ebbert@provise.com

Nancy Croy Ramey | ramey@provise.com

Jon Brethauer | brethauer@provise.com

Shane O’Hara | ohara@provise.com

Susan Washburn | washburn@provise.com

Steve Athanassie | athanassie@provise.com

Paul Auslander | auslander@provise.com

Sandy Risgaard | risgaard@provise.com

Russ Campbell | rcampbell@provise.com

Daniel Mannix | mannix@provise.com

Steve Csenge | csenge@provise.com

Oscar Skjaerpe | skjaerpe@provise.com

Holly Harman | harman@provise.com

Tom Harrington | harrington@provise.com

Peter Seriano | seriano@provise.com


However, you are welcome to contact your custodian directly if you need immediate assistance or have questions about your account. You can reach Schwab Alliance at 800-515-2157.


For more current information, please visit our website: www.provise.com


We are hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Stay safe.