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How’s The Economy Holding Up?

Economists have spent a lot of time lately debating whether the US economy will experience a hard or soft landing. Let's see what the hard data is telling us.

Are you prepared for the future? Take our financial planning questionnaire

You may feel like you are financially prepared for the future, but are you really? Here is a financial planning questionnaire you can use to determine how prepared you are. Keep in mind, these are just a few of several steps you should be prepared to take toward financial preparedness. Test out your future preparedness […]

Financial Insights – February 28, 2023

Retirement planning for women: A guide

Women make up about half of the population. But there are many women out there who report that they feel unprepared for retirement. In fact, one survey by the U.S. Census Bureau found that 50% of a group of women aged 55 to 60 years old did not have any retirement savings accounts of their […]

Are charity auctions tax deductible? (and other charity tax FAQs)

Charity auctions are a popular way for individuals to support their favorite causes while also potentially receiving a tax benefit. However, not all charitable donations made through auctions are tax deductible.  Whether you are a frequent bidder at charity auctions or are considering making a donation for the first time, you can make the most […]

Estate planning for high net worth individuals

Estate planning is an important consideration for all individuals, but it becomes even more crucial for those with high net worth. As a wealthy individual, you have more assets to protect and more complex financial considerations to take into account. Whether you are an executive or business owner, you need to make sure that your […]

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