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How much money do I need to retire at the age of 62?

For many people, 62 years is the target age for when to start retirement. That is because most people qualify to start withdrawing Social Security benefits at this age. However, Social Security benefits alone are usually not enough for most people to live off of for their dream retirements.  If you want to have a […]

Should I pay off my mortgage before retirement?

We all wish that retiring would be as simple as reaching a certain age and having a comfortable retirement income to live happily off of for the rest of our lives. But, the truth is that building a retirement nest egg takes a lot of hard work and careful planning.  Everyone who is saving for […]

Four financial planning tips for business owners

Many Americans have dreams of using their creativity and passion to start a small business. However, starting a small business takes a lot of hard work and personal capital that can be risky for your personal finances. Having a financial plan can help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve the long-term success that you desire. […]

Five of the best places to live for single, retired females

Women retiring on their own face more challenges than men. Women tend to live longer, so they need their retirement funds to last longer. They tend to earn less money in their lifetimes, which means they have less to save. Because of hurdles like these, retired, single women need to find every advantage possible to […]

Facing retirement as a single woman? Here are five financial planning steps to help you prepare

Having total control over your finances as an independent woman can be liberating, but it can also be intimidating, especially if you are planning to retire. Planning for retirement as a single woman can be more challenging than it is for a single male for a variety of reasons.  Women tend to live longer than […]

Wealth management services designed for physicians

When someone is suffering from a serious injury or illness, nobody expects that person to take care of themselves. They should go see a doctor for help. As a physician, you understand the need for your expertise and skills when it comes to treating the human body. Similarly, when it comes to managing your wealth, […]

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