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How much money do you need to start a business in 2020?

Did you know that 90% of startup companies fail within their first few years of operation? This is not exactly the most encouraging statistic for people interested in starting a business in 2020, but there is an important lesson in this statistic that can help you pave the path to success: Most new companies fail […]

Saving to buy a home? Five planning tips to help

Purchasing your first home is a milestone achievement for many American adults. However, houses can be costly and purchasing one without a plan can end up breaking the bank. Although, with some careful planning and saving, you can have enough to pay a significant down payment on your home and have a comfortable monthly mortgage […]

What women should know about protecting their finances after divorce

A divorce is a difficult time, and while it is not the most fun to talk about money during a divorce, it is one of the most important moments in life to assess your finances.

Financial planning tips to protect your money during a divorce

Going through a divorce is a challenging time. Often, it is the woman who is left financially struggling afterward. It is not uncommon for their credit scores to take a dive, further complicating the process. But, with the right plan, women like you can protect your money. How women can protect their money during a […]

How much does a single person need for retirement?

When it comes to planning for retirement, many articles cover how a married couple can form a strategy together to reach their goals. However, this advice does not necessarily work for people who are single, widowed or divorced. A person who is single cannot simply take the advice given for two people and divide it […]

How to protect your 401(k) during a stock market crash

One of the most unsettling feelings in the world is to watch the stock market crash knowing that you are invested heavily through your 401(k). A knee-jerk reaction to such a scenario might be to move your money out of the market and into a money market account. However, this could end up doing more […]

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