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How to invest money to make money with a comprehensive financial plan

Investing involves a great amount of careful thought and decision making, but the goal for most people is simple: make as much money as possible within the risk one is willing to take. One person’s investment strategy will look much different than another’s based on financial circumstances, long-term goals, risk tolerance, and other factors. However, […]

401(k) vs. IRA retirement funds – Which one is better?

Saving for your retirement requires a bit more thought than merely setting some money aside every paycheck and waiting until you retire. There are different retirement vehicles in which you can invest some of your funds to save up for your retirement; primarily the 401(k) and the Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Both of these plans […]

Can you afford to retire? Here are three critical questions you need to ask yourself before retiring

As you put more years in your career behind you, you might start feeling like it is time to retire. However, wanting to retire versus being ready to retire are two different things. If you do not have a plan in place for a smooth transition from being employed to being retired, you may have […]

Wondering how much you need to save for retirement? Here are some factors to consider

Professionals at all levels of their careers need to be thinking about retirement now. Whether you are closing in on retirement age or you are a young professional just starting out, you need to invest in your retirement plan if you want to live out your retirement years in comfort. When considering how much to […]

What are the best states to retire in financially in the United States?

You have many decisions to make when it comes to deciding where you would like to retire.  Factors like health care, security, weather and culture are all important to consider when it comes to deciding on which state you would like to spend your retirement years, but one of the most important factors you need […]

What is the net worth to be considered wealthy in the United States?

We live in a world where the financial landscape changes on a daily basis. What is considered wealthy one day might not meet the mark the next. In the United States, your wealth is measured by your net worth, which is the total value of all of your savings, investments and your non-financial assets, i.e.personal […]