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25 Lessons Learned Over 50 Years — Part One

As one goes through a career, you accumulate wisdom from others and sometimes you create a few pearls yourself. This is the first of a two-part series about twenty-five pieces of wisdom to ponder as you think about financial planning, goal setting, saving and investment management.

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits: Why It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement

Are you one of those people who shrug off the thought of Social Security because retirement seems light-years away? Think again. Planning for your Social Security benefits isn't just a task for the golden years—it's something you should be doing now. Let's dive into why.

Student Loans: A New Physician’s Guide to Becoming Debt-Free

It’s common for physicians to graduate from medical school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This can create financial stress at a time that typically has many other financial and familial obligations. A sensible strategy begins with understanding the type of debt, evaluating various repayment plans, and making informed financial trade-offs to expedite the repayment process.

Finances and Dementia

Planning for dementia is part of your estate planning. When did you last update your estate plan? Have the people named in your documents already passed? What about beneficiaries?

Navigating an Election Year

Presidential elections tend to heighten uncertainty in the markets, and we’re hearing from clients looking for advice on navigating the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch and a second term for whoever emerges victorious in November.

Divorce Later in Life: Financial Considerations

You have been married for 30 years, your kids have flown the nest, and retirement is on the horizon. Life is unfolding as planned until, unexpectedly, divorce papers land on your table. In your late fifties, you find yourself wondering, “Now what?”

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