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Cash flow-based financial planning: Our complete guide

Your current financial goals may include protecting your assets, saving for retirement, setting up your new business for success or organizing your estate. Whatever your goals, intuitive financial planning can help you be proactive so that you are prepared when unexpected expenses appear. Financial planning can also help you comfortably meet your lifetime milestones, whether […]

Financial planning is crucial for widows: Here are 5 reasons why

Unfortunately, many women experience the death of their spouse in their lifetime. A study showed that 58% of women aged 75 or older have experienced the death of their spouse, while 28% of men have. A big reason behind this discrepancy is that women have a much higher life expectancy than men and therefore often […]

3 ways your financial planning information should be secured from a hurricane hitting Tampa, FL

When any natural disaster hits, the safety of your personal information can be at stake, especially if it is stored digitally. Rainwater can damage your devices, and harsh winds can infiltrate the places where your devices are stored. If you live in Florida, a major part of your hurricane prep should include protecting your financial […]

3 reasons a personal financial officer should be part of Tampa, FL, business owners’ personal financial planning

As a business owner, you are responsible for planning your personal finances, your employees’ incomes and your business’s success. It can therefore be important for you to hire a personal financial officer who can help you manage your wealth and support your business’s growth.  3 reasons why a financial officer should be a key part […]

Fiduciary financial advisors in Tampa, FL: What you should know and how they can benefit you

If you are a business owner or investor based in Tampa, Florida, you may want to hire a fiduciary advisor. Fiduciary advisors can play a unique role in your financial planning process so that you can make decisions to increase your wealth in the long run.  Knowing what exactly fiduciary advisors do can help you […]

What are the 6 steps you need to take in your financial planning process?

Financial planning can give you room to be proactive so that you are not scrambling when issues like inflation costs, early retirement and medical crises appear.  Financial planning refers to the practice of managing your finances. As part of your financial planning process, you can evaluate your current financial situation, identify your goals, and take […]

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