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Finances and Dementia

Planning for dementia is part of your estate planning. When did you last update your estate plan? Have the people named in your documents already passed? What about beneficiaries?

Navigating an Election Year

Presidential elections tend to heighten uncertainty in the markets, and we’re hearing from clients looking for advice on navigating the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch and a second term for whoever emerges victorious in November.

Divorce Later in Life: Financial Considerations

You have been married for 30 years, your kids have flown the nest, and retirement is on the horizon. Life is unfolding as planned until, unexpectedly, divorce papers land on your table. In your late fifties, you find yourself wondering, “Now what?”

Sandwich Generation

What is the “Sandwich Generation?” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a generation of people who are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children.”

The Gift of Financial Literacy at Any Age

The holiday season is a time for comfort, joy, and celebration. As we gather with family and friends, it's also the perfect time to have meaningful conversations with the ones we love. In a world driven by economic complexities, the importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated.

Protecting Generational Wealth: Key Tips for Securing a Lasting Legacy

Asset protection is one of the most important, if not the most important, financial planning areas for physicians. However, we’ve found that it isn’t a topic that gets enough coverage in the personal finance community and in today’s litigious environment, it is vital that you have an asset protection strategy.