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Are you saving enough for health care costs you may face in retirement?

It’s about that time of year when people with Medicare must decide whether to make changes to their insurance plan. Most people are used to health insurance coverage that is supplied by an employer. According to one survey, 77% of Americans who are currently working are saving for retirement through a work-sponsored plan. That means […]

Retirement tax planning: How to plan ahead to save on taxes

Retirement planning is an important part of financial planning in general. If you’re planning for retirement, there are five basic steps for you to consider. A financial planner knows how essential each one of these steps is and can guide you through each of them. The first is to start planning at the right time. […]

The ultimate retirement checklist for 55+

If you are nearing retirement, you may be nervous about making sure you have all your ducks in a row. Investment strategies may need to change as you get closer to retiring, so it’s important to make sure you have the right guidance to keep you up to date. We recommend meeting with a financial […]

Can you spot the difference? Wealth managers vs. financial advisors and which one you need as you approach retirement

Sometimes the terms “wealth managers” and “financial advisors” are used interchangeably, but really, they mean two different things. A wealth manager is a type of financial advisor. Financial advisors handle general finances, but wealth managers specialize in preserving and growing wealth. Below are outlines of online customer personas who may benefit from each option. Online […]

Wealth management designed specifically for retirement in Tampa, FL 

In the last several years, Tampa, Florida, has seen its population growth explode. The city’s population consists of 1 in 5 senior citizen residents and is one of the largest metro areas for seniors in the U.S. today, according to a recent Tampa Bay Times article. More and more people are flooding in, creating a […]

Is retirement planning in Tampa, FL, unique to other cities?

Retirement planning on its own can be daunting, but retirement planning in Tampa, Florida, can feel like a whole other beast. Tampa’s housing market prices and inflation rates are higher than the national average. This is making it hard for people to find affordable housing. Currently, Tampa’s housing market is ranked 14th in terms of […]

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