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Why a holistic wealth management plan in Tampa, FL, may look different than other parts of the country

How do you know if your wealth management plan is on track? Your retirement goals, investments and managing your small business should all be a part of your plan. However, not everyone’s plan will look the same. This is true even for people who have the same income and have invested their money in similar […]

4 reasons Clearwater, FL, residents should do a wealth management plan review in early 2022

Wealth management is about more than investment advice. Wealth management offers comprehensive guidance on your financial situation, including estate and tax planning, accounting, retirement planning and even legal guidance in some cases. This offers a more complete picture of your overall financial well-being. If you have not taken a good look at your financial health […]

6 documents that Clearwater, FL, residents should leave an estate planning session with

Estate planning involves setting up a plan that makes known how you want your affairs to be handled in the event of your death or if you become permanently incapacitated. It also establishes who will receive your assets, and who will care for your minor children or pets after you are gone. However, there is […]

3 benefits you can get from working with a CFP® professional in managing capital gains in Clearwater, FL

Have you fallen down the research rabbit hole when it pertains to investments and capital gains? Are you more confused than when you first started? If you are looking for ways to invest and grow your capital gains, a ProVise CFP® is available to help in Clearwater, Florida.  Let’s start with the basics: What is […]

Biden’s estate tax plan could trigger last-minute changes: Here is how that might affect your estate taxes

Advisors throughout the financial services industry, including financial planners, estate attorneys and tax consulting CPAs, are all nervously watching the tax proposals that are working their way through Congress. This includes warily watching the progress of the Biden estate tax plan. Why are they nervous? For one thing, at this late hour, it is very […]

What’s the difference between trading and investing video