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Why do I need to rebalance my portfolio video

Wealthy vs. rich: Which one should you and your financial planner be aiming for?

Do you want to make a lot of money so that you can live comfortably while travelling the world? Sounds like a dream that many people have. You want to be rich, right? Or do you want to be wealthy? Is there a difference between being wealthy and being rich? Yes, there is a difference.  […]

What is the difference between wealth management and retirement planning? advice from a CFP® in Clearwater, FL

What is the difference between a book on your Amazon wish list and one that you already own? Most Clearwater, Florida, residents will tell you that the difference is ownership. You physically own the book you’ve already purchased, but you are just planning to own the book on your wish list. This difference is actually […]

How to manage your money with the greatest effectiveness

If you are wondering how to manage your money, then you have already taken the first step toward a better financial future. Managing your money might seem complicated or daunting. Breaking it down into approachable categories can help simplify the process.  Get acquainted with your current financial situation — If you are wondering how to […]

What type of wealth management services are available in Clearwater, FL?

Wealth management is a comprehensive financial service. It addresses a wide range of financial needs. These needs can include the client’s investments, taxes, retirement funds, estate and more.  Since every client is different, wealth management is a highly personalized process. Because of this individualized approach, wealth management is often seen as only for affluent clients […]

Who needs an asset protection plan?

When you were a kid, Halloween candy was a hot commodity. You probably spent hours and hours developing elaborate plans to protect your asset, i.e., your candy. You put some under your bed. There was another stash in your sock drawer and another in your closet. Little did you know that you were doing what […]