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Getting the most out of your retirement savings when the market is bearing down

It is exciting as an investor to see your retirement portfolio grow when the market is growing regularly during a bull period. However, bull markets cannot last forever. Eventually, something like COVID-19 comes along and shakes things up, and the market bears down. As of September 2020, the market looks more stable than it did […]

How does the SECURE Act impact your inherited IRA savings?

Many people who contributed to an IRA were aware of the concept of stretching their IRA. Under this concept, IRA accounts were passed to a beneficiary after the owner had died. The beneficiaries then “stretched” this IRA by taking only minimum distributions, which hopefully were lower than the tax-deferred growth of the IRA. Thus, the […]

Which is more important: paying off debt or investing?

Most people want to save money to have financial security in the future, but achieving this looks different for everyone. Some people have a lot of money to invest. Some people have a lot of debts they need to pay off. Some people have both.  This leads to the dilemma that many people with extra […]

What is asset protection and how do you know if you need it?

Lawsuits do not wait for convenience. A motor vehicle accident, credit card debt, bank foreclosures, bankruptcy and other situations can lead to a lawsuit that can make your finances and assets vulnerable to creditors. While a lawsuit can sometimes be unavoidable, you can potentially protect your assets from seizure by including asset protection in your […]

How do you transfer your property into a trust in Florida?

Your property and assets represent years of hard work and smart investing. While you should enjoy your property and continue to work hard to chase your dreams, you also need to think about what happens when you can no longer manage your properties, such as if you are very sick, or when you pass away.  […]

Wealth management services designed for physicians

When someone is suffering from a serious injury or illness, nobody expects that person to take care of themselves. They should go see a doctor for help. As a physician, you understand the need for your expertise and skills when it comes to treating the human body. Similarly, when it comes to managing your wealth, […]