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Preparing Your Investment Portfolio for a Volatile Election

Join ProVise President Eric Ebbert in a timely discussion about how to prepare your investment portfolio for a volatile presidential election. 

Thursday, October 15th at 2:00 p.m.

Susan Washburn, CFP®, JD
Senior Financial Planner

My mission is to create an environment where you take ownership of your financial life while participating in a community that encourages, supports, educates and empowers you.

I lived a charmed life. Then, a hurricane changed it all.

As a young woman, I lived a charmed life. By thirty, I had a fabulous job, wonderful family and beautiful home in New Orleans. Then, two events derailed my life. Hurricane Katrina destroyed our home forcing us to evacuate and relocate to Florida. After spending several years rebuilding our lives, I finally felt settled only to be knocked off my feet by a divorce.

While I could not control the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I could have better managed the financial chaos left by my divorce. Here, I was educated as a lawyer, working as a stay-at-home mom and I delegated my financial affairs leaving myself vulnerable, overwhelmed and embarrassed by my lack of financial knowledge. To regain my life, I needed to become smart about money and this journey led me to a career as a financial advisor.

As I shared my story with other women and clients, I was shocked by how many women are in the midst of their own financial hurricanes leaving themselves vulnerable. That is when I realized my true purpose as a financial adviser went far beyond simply managing their money. I began to inspire women to take more ownership in their financial lives. By encouraging women to face their fears and to get smarter about their relationship with money, they become confident, engaged and empowered in their financial futures.


My process is designed to create more clarity and confidence in your financial future:

Lifestyle Wealth Plan

We design your Lifestyle Wealth Plan based on your priorities and the life you want to live. By the end of this process, you will have more clarity, direction and a new vision of what is possible for your life.


Where we delicately balance your desire for safety and income with your need for growth. By understanding the functions of your different investments, you will have a much clearer understanding about:

• What you have
• Why you have it
• How is it going to help you


Join our supportive community that encourages you to become more confident in making smart financial decisions. Participate in our fun, inspirational events that empower women to become smart and sassy living the life they want.

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Financial planning is not one big thing…it is hundreds of little things™. We will walk with you every step of the way through investments, debt payoffs and everything in between to help you reach the financial goals that matter most to you.


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Retirement Ready? Ten Things to Do Before Retirement

Retirement Ready? Ten Things to Do Before Retirement

As you approach the golden years of your career, it’s crucial to have a solid financial plan in place to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement. While many people think they are ready to transition into this new and exciting phase of life, several things must be put in order first. Here are the top things you need to do financially to prepare for retirement: