Calling all parents! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to navigate the complexities of funding your child’s education. In the second webinar of our ProVise 2024 Education Series: “Empowering Futures” we focus on “Smart Strategies for Funding Education: Saving, Investing, and Financial Aid.” Discover practical ways to save, invest, and maximize financial aid for higher education. Craft a personalized roadmap aligned with your family’s goals.

What we cover:

Expense Breakdown: 

  • Gain insights into the diverse range of expenses associated with education. 
  • Understand how these costs evolve from early childhood to tertiary education. 

Unveiling Hidden Expenses: 

  • Discover often-overlooked costs that could impact your financial planning. 
  • Learn practical strategies to navigate these hidden expenses. 

Practical Financial Solutions: 

  • Explore budgeting and savings strategies customized to your educational aspirations. 
  • Find pathways to build a secure financial foundation for your child’s future. 
  • Review the different account types that can be used for education costs.  

Engage in Interactive Discussion: 

  • Participate in a live Q&A session with our experienced advisors. 
  • Get personalized advice to address your specific concerns and inquiries. 

Host: Oscar Skjaerpe, CFP®

Run time: 39:28