Social Security Webinar

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Will Social Security go bankrupt? What happens to my benefit if I get a divorce or my spouse dies? Should I take it at age 62, 65, 67 or 70? If I am already receiving Social Security benefits, can I make any changes? 

On Wednesday, February 22nd ProVise hosted a Webinar for our clients and friends. Sandy Risgaard, CFP®, Senior Financial Planner and Ray Ferrara, CFP®, Founder and Executive Chair, hosted the meeting.

We know Social Security can be an incredibly complex topic. There are a variety of benefit types, timing decisions to be made and obscure rules. To make it even more difficult, most decisions are highly individualized, and getting advice on your options and the best strategies for your situation can be challenging. Unfortunately, the questions may not stop after your benefits have begun and you may be concerned about how much money you can earn, how benefits will be taxed and if you will be subject to Medicare surcharges. Watch our special webinar to address these issues and more. We will focus on:

    1. What to consider when deciding when to start Social Security benefits
    2. What strategies are available for maximizing your benefit
    3. What you need to know if you have already started your Social Security benefits 


Ray Ferrara, CFP®
Executive Chair

Sandy Risgaard, CFP®

Sandy Risgaard, CFP®
Senior Financial Planner