Photo of Shane O'Hara, CFP® Shane O'Hara, CFP® Apr 23, 2018

Generous. Problem-solver. Inclusive. Authentic. Courageous.

These are just some of the words people use to describe Dorothy, who passed away in December 2017 after a long and courageous battle with breast cancer. Dorothy, who had been Senior Financial Advisor at ProVise Management Group in Tampa, Florida, was passionate about the retirement industry and devoted to WiPN’s mission. She volunteered her time with WiPN for several years, most recently as Board Treasurer.

Jennifer Norr, WiPN’s current Treasurer and Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions, met Dorothy through WiPN.  “Dorothy had great way of solving problems and a “can-do” attitude. Because she had worked with WiPN for so many years, she had a history of the organization and was extremely helpful as she transitioned the Treasury responsibilities to me.”

For Jennifer, one moment really drove home the kind of person Dorothy was: “I remember one day — a week before she was going into chemo — Dorothy called me because she knew in a month we had some pretty significant filings. The fact that she had the frame of mind to call me and make sure I had everything covered spoke volumes. She was always so generous and willing to help.”

WiPN’s Past President Kathleen Roche, who is Vice President of Channel Management Strategy at Ascensus, talks of Dorothy’s “calming presence” and describes her as “a ray of light.” According to Kathleen, “despite her illness, Dorothy always had a smile on her face. It was a lesson that I try to always remember: to shine a light wherever I go. You never know the impact you might make on someone — big or small.”

While Dorothy seemed to have a terrific support system of family and friends, we hope that WiPN was another source of strength and energy for her. The organization certainly benefitted from her contributions, and we are forever grateful.

Perhaps Dorothy’s own LinkedIn profile tells us who she really was: “I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to work with such great people who contribute to my personal well-being and mission in life.”

No, Dorothy. How lucky we were to have worked with you. Your courage inspired us all and you will be sorely missed, dear friend.