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In 1974, the United States enacted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to protect workers’ retirement income and offer more information and transparency with how their plans work. Two types of retirement plan categories emerged as a result: qualified retirement plans and nonqualified retirement plans.

What is a qualified retirement plan?

A qualified retirement plan is one that meets ERISA guidelines. It qualifies for further tax and financial benefits than those received by traditional retirement plans. 

With some qualified plans, employers may deduct an agreed-upon portion of pretax dollars from an employee’s wages to invest in the plan. These contributions and the wealth they generate grow tax deferred until making withdrawals in retirement. Additionally, the employer is able to claim any contributions they make to the employee’s account as tax deductible. Further, these assets are protected from the claims of creditors.

What is a nonqualified retirement plan?

Simply put, a nonqualified plan is one that fails to meet ERISA guidelines. Many of these plans use post-tax dollars to fund them, meaning employers are usually unable to claim their contributions as tax deductions. 

Usually, companies reserve nonqualified plans for executives and other select employees. The plan can be designed to meet their specific needs, while a qualified plan tends to be more broad and accessible for the needs of all employees in a company.

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