An asset protection trust (APT) is a type of trust that is used to keep someone’s assets safe from creditors. This type of trust can be useful for those who hope to minimize taxes on an estate. It can also ensure that the assets they have allocated to their beneficiaries are protected during and after their life. They are usually opened by individuals who own businesses or have occupations that put them at risk of lawsuits.

What are some of the benefits of a lifetime asset protection trust?

  • Protecting your assets from creditors — A lifetime asset protection trust is specifically utilized to keep assets safe from creditors so that they can be passed down to beneficiaries. In the event that a creditor was to attempt to collect your assets as a result of a lawsuit, the trust would keep your assets secure. 
  • Protecting assets from going through probate — Another benefit of this type of trust is that it can prevent your assets from going through the court system after your death. By avoiding probate, your beneficiaries can receive your assets quicker and with minimal fees owed.

What else should you know about lifetime asset protection trusts?

It is also important to note that lifetime asset protection trusts are irrevocable. This means that once your asset has been transferred to the trust, it is no longer in your possession. Assets in the trust cannot be removed. If you decide to set up a lifetime asset protection trust, you must first be certain that you want that asset to be passed on to a specific beneficiary, because it cannot be changed.

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