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25 Lessons Learned Over 50 Years — Part One

As one goes through a career, you accumulate wisdom from others and sometimes you create a few pearls yourself. This is the first of a two-part series about twenty-five pieces of wisdom to ponder as you think about financial planning, goal setting, saving and investment management.

Financial Insights – April 30, 2024

Financial insights for your life and lifestyle. Social Security and Inflation, Divorce and Don't Be in Such a (Gold) Rush

Financial Insights – April 15, 2024

Financial insights for your life and lifestyle. Tax Refunds, Scammers, and Why Don't You Text Me?

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits: Why It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement

Are you one of those people who shrug off the thought of Social Security because retirement seems light-years away? Think again. Planning for your Social Security benefits isn't just a task for the golden years—it's something you should be doing now. Let's dive into why.

Student Loans: A New Physician’s Guide to Becoming Debt-Free

It’s common for physicians to graduate from medical school with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This can create financial stress at a time that typically has many other financial and familial obligations. A sensible strategy begins with understanding the type of debt, evaluating various repayment plans, and making informed financial trade-offs to expedite the repayment process.

Financial Insights – April 1, 2024

Financial insights for your life and lifestyle. Taxes, Bitcoin's Rally and Are you Charitably Inclined?

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