Sometimes the terms “wealth managers” and “financial advisors” are used interchangeably, but really, they mean two different things. A wealth manager is a type of financial advisor. Financial advisors handle general finances, but wealth managers specialize in preserving and growing wealth. Below are outlines of online customer personas who may benefit from each option.

Online customer persona No. 1

  • Someone looking for help managing debt or loans
  • Someone trying to understand how Social Security benefits work
  • Someone who needs assistance with lifestyle planning
  • Someone looking to plan for retirement costs 

This online customer persona belongs to someone who could benefit from a financial advisor. This type of financial assistance is useful for people specifically focused on retirement and how they can manage everyday costs so that they can funnel some of their income into living comfortably after retiring. The goals of your financial advisor may include helping you to ensure that your debt is paid off, plan for emergencies, buy a home and budget your money.

Online customer persona No. 2

  • Someone who wants to promote generational wealth
  • Someone looking to preserve and grow their wealth beyond retirement
  • Someone looking for a caretaker of their wealth
  • Someone who has a high net worth

This online customer persona belongs to someone who could benefit from a wealth manager. Wealth managers also help with retirement planning, but their efforts are more focused on aspects beyond retirement. The goals of a wealth manager look slightly different from a financial planner. Their goals may relate to tax and estate planning, life insurance, and long-term investing.

The goals of both wealth managers and financial advisors can differ, so it can be useful to know which might be more useful for you when prepping for your retirement.

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