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While the oil market is still strong, in recent years investors have seen a shift from oil-based energy to greener energy solutions. This is partly due to the fact that many investors are environmentally conscious and do not want their money to support the oil industry and other pollutive industries, but it is also in part due to the fact that there is money to be made in green energy.

Whether you want to add some environmental investing options to your portfolio to grow your wealth, help the environment or both, you should know where to start looking. Take a look below at some sectors you might want to include in your portfolio.

Examples of environmental investing opportunities

  • Green energy — Green energy, such as solar, wind and geothermics, are rapidly growing industries that could prove to be as profitable for your portfolio as they are for the environment. There are several options in the green energy sector you can choose to include in your portfolio.
  • Green transportation — Automobile manufacturers are striving to develop more electric vehicles due to the demand from environmentally conscious consumers and to the eventual limitation of oil as a resource for fuel. Tesla has been one of the leading companies on this front, but other manufacturers and fuel cell developers are making headway that could be worth your attention.
  • Green food — Is food produced using sustainable, environmentally friendly and humane practices important to you? There are companies in this sector that you could include in your portfolio to help you grow your wealth while supporting an industry you believe in.
  • Water — Clean water is something people will always need. Water investments can include companies that purify and distribute clean drinking water to people around the world.
  • Pollution control — Some companies specialize in manufacturing technology that helps reduce pollution in power plants, vehicles and other sources of pollution. Investing in companies like these can help grow your portfolio while reducing the amount of pollution that gets put out into the environment.

You should investigate a company before investing to make sure its practices are in alignment with your views. If you want some help getting started finding an environmentally friendly company, you can take a look at some environmental, social and governance (ESG) lists, such as:

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