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What’s the connection between asset protection and tax planning?

If you own assets like a home or car, you need to make sure that they are protected appropriately. Asset protection is a major part of your financial plan, especially your estate plan. An estate and trust plan gives you the ability to determine who will receive your assets when you can no longer make […]

How to reduce taxable income (for high earners)

The tax rate increases the more you earn. This can be bad news for high earners, who can find themselves paying as much as 37% on their taxable income (and that is only federal income tax and may only increase in the future).   Luckily, there are some ways that doctors, lawyers and other high […]

Tax planning in Florida: 2 tax benefits of retirement living in the Sunshine State

If you’re a retiree or someone who plans to retire, it can be helpful to consider tax planning options with a financial advisor. There are several states in the U.S. where you aren’t responsible for taxes on certain things that you may otherwise be required to pay for in different states. Knowing which states are […]

Do you pay taxes on capital gains in Florida?

Capital gain is a concept within economics that describes the profit that is made after a sale of an investment or an asset. Assets that can provide capital gain include properties, cars, stock and even businesses. Some states have required that people pay taxes for capital gains. This usually applies to sales of assets held […]

What new tax bracket changes will take place in 2022?

The arrival of the 2022 tax season will introduce taxpayers to several new changes. While income tax rates are remaining the same, as they have since 2018, the brackets into which each individual or married filing jointly taxpayer falls may not be the same as it was last year. Adjustments to account for inflation have […]

What will the child tax credit payment dates be for 2022?

If you received Letter 6419 in the mail, then you are likely eligible for further child tax credits from the IRS in 2022. Many families received half of the newly expanded child credit payments in the previous year. But the rest of the payments will be going out during the 2022 tax season, and it’s […]

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