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Widowhood: An Inconvenient Reality

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Three tips for financial planning for women

Women’s specific financial needs often go overlooked. Women who are single, divorced or married face different challenges than those facing men. It is important that all women develop skills and find support for navigating the fiduciary landscape to meet tomorrow’s goals. There is no cookie-cutter financial solution for single, divorced or married women. Your specific […]

Which is more important: paying off debt or investing?

Most people want to save money to have financial security in the future, but achieving this looks different for everyone. Some people have a lot of money to invest. Some people have a lot of debts they need to pay off. Some people have both.  This leads to the dilemma that many people with extra […]

Five of the best places to live for single, retired females

Women retiring on their own face more challenges than men. Women tend to live longer, so they need their retirement funds to last longer. They tend to earn less money in their lifetimes, which means they have less to save. Because of hurdles like these, retired, single women need to find every advantage possible to […]

Facing retirement as a single woman? Here are five financial planning steps to help you prepare

Having total control over your finances as an independent woman can be liberating, but it can also be intimidating, especially if you are planning to retire. Planning for retirement as a single woman can be more challenging than it is for a single male for a variety of reasons.  Women tend to live longer than […]

Exploring the unique challenges for women when it comes to investing

Investing is a great way to grow your excess funds to reach a short-term or long-term financial goal. More women are investing today than ever before, but the majority of investing is still done by men. So, why are women not doing it as much as men?  Women face unique challenges when it comes to […]