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What is tax-loss harvesting and why do you need it?

There are rules when it comes to tax-loss harvesting. As long as you follow them you will be within legal rights to lower your tax liability. We're sharing tips to reduce your tax burden.

Investing in 2020: Is now a good time to get started?

One of the best ways to grow your finances for the future is to invest, but with all the turmoil of 2020 and a volatile stock market, you might be wondering if investing in 2020 is wise. The stock market has been in a period of recovery for a few months now, but with the […]

How a financial advisor can help you save your first million

There is a reason why everyone is not a millionaire. Of the roughly 330 million citizens of the United States, only 18 million of them have $1 million or more. Saving $1 million is no small task, and if this is your goal, these numbers can be discouraging. However, while saving $1 million is challenging, […]

What is asset protection and how do you know if you need it?

Lawsuits do not wait for convenience. A motor vehicle accident, credit card debt, bank foreclosures, bankruptcy and other situations can lead to a lawsuit that can make your finances and assets vulnerable to creditors. While a lawsuit can sometimes be unavoidable, you can potentially protect your assets from seizure by including asset protection in your […]

How do you transfer your property into a trust in Florida?

Your property and assets represent years of hard work and smart investing. While you should enjoy your property and continue to work hard to chase your dreams, you also need to think about what happens when you can no longer manage your properties, such as if you are very sick, or when you pass away.  […]

SOCIAL SECURITY- Getting all that you deserve

Too many people just sign up for Social Security without realizing how many different alternatives exist. Even worse, the Social Security Administration often gives faulty advice which can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more over a recipient’s lifetime. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls.

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