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Your Number Will Change

"Retirement" is not defined by age. Rather, we define "retirement" as the time when work becomes optional. That is, you believe you have enough money to sustain yourself for the rest of your life. But a funny thing happened along the way!

Daniel Mannix, CFA®, Senior Portfolio Manager at ProVise Featured on “The Voice of Reason”

Recently, Daniel Mannix, CFA®, Senior Portfolio Manager here at ProVise, was featured on WTAN's radio show, 'The Voice of Reason', discussing various topics, including the best time to invest.  

Retirement Ready? Ten Things to Do Before Retirement

As you approach the golden years of your career, it’s crucial to have a solid financial plan in place to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement. While many people think they are ready to transition into this new and exciting phase of life, several things must be put in order first. Here are the top things you need to do financially to prepare for retirement:

Reassessing the Need for Insurance Later in Life

As we progress through life, our financial landscapes inevitably shift. From the exuberance of youth to the contemplative years of maturity, each phase brings unique considerations, including evaluating current insurance policies.

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits: Why It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement

Are you one of those people who shrug off the thought of Social Security because retirement seems light-years away? Think again. Planning for your Social Security benefits isn't just a task for the golden years—it's something you should be doing now. Let's dive into why.

Health Care Costs in Retirement: The Role of Medicare

As retirement approaches, many individuals embark on a journey to secure their financial well-being and health for the future. One critical aspect of this journey is navigating the complex landscape of healthcare and healthcare costs in retirement. Because Medicare plays a significant role, it’s crucial to understand its many aspects.

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