Wealth management

for reaching goals—without sacrificing values

For many people, money is a consistent source of stress. They might be worried about bills, debts, retirement, educational costs, estate planning, charitable giving, insurance or simply how to use their money for long-term planning and security. Making money alone is not enough to address these concerns, which is why simply accumulating money is not always the answer. The real solution is a practice called wealth management through solid financial planning.

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What is wealth management?

It is more than money that you earn, spend and save; it is part of your life. With your wealth, you can plan how you want to live and what you want your future to look like. However, without proper guidance, you might not know how to allocate your wealth so that you can potentially reach your future goals while having enough funds to live a comfortable life today. This is where wealth management comes in.

Wealth management is a holistic approach to managing your finances to help you reach your goals, which might include:


  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment Allocation and Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement –when, where and how
  • Risk Management

Each person is unique and has individual goals and different means of reaching them. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals at ProVise Management Group take the time to understand your goals and what you value to help you manage your wealth.


Your financial plan is your approach toward managing your wealth and allocating that wealth toward specific goals like buying a home, education, investing, retirement, philanthropy, and building your estate plan. Without a solid financial strategy, you might end up sacrificing too much of your wealth into one of these areas and not enough into another.

ProVise’s CFP® professionals thoroughly examine your financial circumstances and review your goals with you. Using this information, we can draft a plan that will help you reach your financial goals without sacrificing the values that matter most to you. If you like the plan, we will help you implement it and manage it to lift that burden from your shoulders.

We do our financial planning with a ProVise guarantee – if for any reason you do not believe the financial plan was worth the money you paid for it, simply return the plan to us and we will refund 100% of your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


At ProVise, we strongly believe that wealth management is more than an investment strategy, but an investment strategy is an important component of your wealth management. A simple definition of investing is that the goal is to maximize your return on investment (ROI) while reducing risk as much as possible. However, if you’ve ever tried investing, you know it’s not that simple.

Our CFP® professionals have decades of experience in helping clients manage their investment strategies. We help assess financial circumstances and risk tolerance levels so that clients feel comfortable with the investment decisions we recommend.

We know that an investment is an important decision that represents what you value, so we take the time to build an investment strategy that corresponds with your beliefs. Our team helps you find the right investments for not only you and your money but for you and your life values.


Retirement isn’t some far-off thing you don’t need to think about until you are older. It is a lifelong process that leads toward comfort later in life when you start investing in it now. In short, it is never too early to start and it is never too late to start.

Regardless of your age and whether you have or have not already started a retirement plan, our CFP® professionals can help. We assess your finances and retirement goals to help you decide the best ways to do so.

Our work doesn’t stop there either. Your retirement plan will inevitably change as you reach different milestones in life. Events like promotions, career changes, marriage, children, taking care of parents, health and deaths all affect how you might want to manage your retirement plan. Our team will continue to monitor your plan and guide you through what changes to consider in order to maximize the potential of your retirement.


You never know what life is going to throw at you, so it is wise to be prepared with insurance that will keep you and your family covered. Insurance can give you peace of mind that an unforeseen disaster won’t leave your family in financial ruin. However, you might need help understanding what types of insurance you need and what kinds of plans you should purchase.

Do you need disability income insurance? Life insurance? Property and casualty insurance? Long-term care insurance? If so, what is the right amount? How do they integrate with your financial plan?

Our CFP® professionals can review your assets and go over your life circumstances with you to help you decide the best fit for you.

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You’ve worked hard to earn your wealth, and we’re committed to helping you keep it. Our CFP® professionals have decades of experience in helping clients make financial decisions so they can have a better opportunity to achieve their goals.

We’ll work with you to build a personalized wealth management strategy based on your values, goals and risk tolerance.

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The ProVise Planning Experience

A financial plan is a roadmap to your financial success. A ProVise financial planner will follow a process that includes the following steps to creating a customized strategy specific to your current financial situation, lifestyle, and future goals.

1. Understanding Your Personal and Financial Circumstances 2. Identifying and Selecting your goals 3. Analyzing Your Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative Courses of Action 4. Developing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s) 5. Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendation(s) 6. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s) 7. Monitoring the Progress and Update

1. Understanding Your Personal and Financial Circumstances

Before we can help you reach your goals, we need to understand where you are. We perform a thorough analysis of your current financial situation and upcoming risks before creating a financial plan designed for your increased future success.

2. Identifying and Selecting your goals

Your future financial goals will dictate your current financial choices. We need to understand your goals and then help you prioritize those goals, so we can align your financial strategy with the lifestyle for which you are aiming. We help you balance your goals in a way that is designed to benefit your current lifestyle without neglecting your future financial goals

3. Analyzing Your Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative Courses of Action

It is important for us to first determine what you are currently doing and why. What is your approach to your finances and investments? There is no reason to seek alternatives if what you are doing is working. However, we can only do this in the context of looking at alternatives that may either fine tune what you are doing, or perhaps offer an alternative approach.

4. Developing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

Unlike others who just want to sell you something that may not be in your best interest, we do not consider recommendations until we have taken the first three steps of the financial planning process. You do not want a physician to create a treatment plan without a thorough analysis of your current condition and consideration of alternatives. The same is true with your financial health.

5. Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

We will provide you with a set of written recommendations sharing our best ideas and thoughts regarding your personal financial situation. For those with a relatively uncomplicated financial life it might be done in a bullet point format, while for others it could be a much longer document. It might even be done with a modular plan focusing on the one aspect that is most concerning to you.

6. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)

We help you put the financial planning strategy to work by putting together a checklist of action items for you and us that helps ensure that the plan is implemented in a timely fashion. There is nothing worse than knowing what needs to be done and then not doing it.

7. Monitoring the Progress and Update

Financial planning is not an event that happens one time. It is a continuous process. Life happens and things change. You will not go it alone. We will walk with you through every financial decision, roadblock, obstacle and opportunity to make sure you are staying on track toward your financial goals.

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Financial planning is not one big thing…it is hundreds of little things™. We will walk with you every step of the way through investments, debt payoffs and everything in between to help you reach the financial goals that matter most to you.


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